The Mayfair district is part of the London Borough of City of Westminster in the center of the city and is in close proximity to all the attractions of London's West End. Mayfair is bordered to the east by the district of Soho, on the south by St. James's, on the west by Hyde Park and on the north by Oxford Street and the Marylebone district.

A large part of the district for more than 300 years in the possession of the Grosvenor family who have their local property leased expensive by the British leasehold system. The Grosvenor are still regarded as one of the richest families in England, according to them are in Mayfair also some streets and squares named.

In Mayfair are among others the famous shopping streets New Bond Street and Bond Street, where you will find the shops of some of the most famous fashion designers in the world. The Savile Row some of the best known and best tailors in the world are located. Another attraction is the Shepherd Market.

In addition, because of the upscale Mayfair applies architecture and the town center as one of the most attractive residential areas of London, accordingly, property prices often amounted to several million pounds. Especially popular are apartments with views over Hyde Park. Thus, living in Mayfair almost exclusively elite or high net worth people. A large part of the property belongs to the Crown Estate.