A MAZ -504 tractor

The truck MAZ -500 (Russian МАЗ -500, German transcription actually MAS -500 ) is a type of truck of the Soviet car manufacturer Minski Awtomobilny Zavod, which was developed in the second half of the 1950s.


The 500 series is the successor to the 200 series. Prototypes were manufactured from 1958, series production started in 1963 in small numbers. Due to delivery problems in the field of engines, there was a delay, so in 1965 the production was fully converted to the new 500 - series. The trucks with the drive Formula 4 × 2 had a modern steel cab and a maximum payload of seven and a half tons.

In 1970, the 500 series has been revised, the new versions were designated by adding the letter A to the original numbers. Most important changes to the 500A over the Model 500 was an increase in the payload by 500 kg to eight tons and an extension of the wheelbase by 100 mm. Furthermore, an increase in the speed limit to 85 km / h The successor, MAZ - 5335, replaced the 500A in 1977 and was completely still in production until 1990.


The MAZ -500 is a cab-over truck with a tiltable cab. This was completely new and previously unique to truck from CMEA countries. The vehicles of the 500 series were with V6 diesel engines Jamz, Jamz type -236, equipped. This made ​​standard 180 hp from a displacement of 11.15 liters. Consumption peaked at 23 l/100 km and the maximum speed of 75 km / h The fuel tank took 200 liters of diesel. A manual gearbox with five forward gears and one reverse gear transferred the driving force to the rear axle. The tractor was equipped with a V8 diesel engines of the type JAMZ -238 with direct injection and an output of 240 hp.


( All dimensions for the platform model MAZ -500)

  • Length = 7330 mm
  • Width = 2650 mm
  • Height = 2640 mm
  • Wheelbase = 3850 mm
  • Ground clearance at the front / rear axle = 295/300 mm


  • MAZ -500 - Flatbed
  • MAZ -503 - Tipper
  • MAZ -504 - Tractor
  • MAZ -509 - timber transport.
  • MAZ -512 - How MAZ -500, but specially equipped ex works for use in cold regions
  • MAZ -513 - For tropical areas of application
  • MAZ -516 - six-wheeler, built from 1970 to 1973. From 1973 to 1977 called MAZ - 516A.

As early as 1962 has also built a prototype of a four-wheel version under the name MAZ -505, which was designed for military purposes, but never went into production. Similarly, the three-axle tractor MAZ -520 never got beyond a prototype. An additional axis to the front is attached to specifically reduce the axle loads for a bad road conditions. The design proved to be a failure, because the main load was still on the rear axle.


MAZ -503

MAZ - 504V

MAZ - 5335, successor of the MAZ -500