Maza (North Dakota)

Towner County


Maza is a former city in Towner County in the northeast of the U.S. state of North Dakota. In the census of 2000, only 5 inhabitants were determined. This was the site of one of eight locations in the U.S., who possessed only 5 inhabitants. Until its closure in 2002 Maza was a separate municipality. Today, the site is part of a so-called Unincorporated Area.


Maza is located at 48 ° 21'49 " north latitude and 99 ° 12'09 " west longitude. The former municipality covered an area of 23.4 km ², which is 21.2 km ² on land and 2.2 km ² distributed water surface.

Maza is on running in a north-south U.S. Highway 281 14 km south of Cando, the administrative seat of Towner County. Around 12 km south of Maze runs the U.S. Highway 2, the northernmost transcontinental cross connection of the United States.