Mbanza - Ngungu is a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The city has about 100,000 inhabitants and is located on the former railway line and road between Matadi and Kinshasa today in the province of Bas -Congo. Since 1932, the city is connected by a 15 km branch line to Marchal at the Matadi - Kinshasa Railway. Because of their famous caves they used to be a tourist destination. It is an important garrison town of the Congolese army and is a location for the iron industry. Also, here is the private university founded in 1990, l' Université Congo.


During the Belgian colonial period, the city Thysville was named after Albert Thys, which she founded in 1905, before the place was called Sona Qongo.

After his arrest in September 1921, the Congolese religious founders Simon Kimbangu was imprisoned for several years in Thysville. 1957 Thysville - Kasangulu Bridge was dedicated, which crosses the river Sukasou. In July 1960, the mutiny of the Force Publique in the local Camp Hardy began. End of 1960, the deposed Prime Minister Lumumba was here temporarily in captivity before he was transferred and murdered after Elizabethville in Katanga.