Medical cybernetics

Medical Cybernetics includes a befindliches in development work program for the application of systems theory, news theoretical, connectionist and decision- analytical concepts for biomedical research and clinical medicine.

The medical cybernetics deals with the study of human biological effect of microstructure, medical decision-making and information processing of physiological processes in living organisms.

Differentiation areas

  • Medical Systems Theory: The objective of the Medical System theory is the identification and modeling of physiological dynamics in healthy and diseased organism to gain a deeper insight into the organizational principles of life and its problems.
  • Medical Information and Communication Theory: Based on the awareness of information as an essential foundation of life attempts to describe mathematically the biomedical information theory, signal transmission and storage processes in various physiological levels.
  • Connectionism: Connectionist models describe the information processing in neural networks, thus forming a bridge between biological research and technical application.
  • Medical Decision Theory: The objective of the Medical Decision theory is to formulate evidence-based foundation for clinical decision-making.


Institutes and research groups ( in German)

  • Biological Cybernetics / Theoretical Biology, University of Bielefeld
  • Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen