Melanonus gracilis

The high sea or black cod ( Melanonus ) are the only genus in the same family and the order of the cod -like fish ( gadiformes ). These are small, 18 to 28 inches long expectant fish that live meso- and bathypelagic ( at depths of 150-3000 meters ).


Deep-sea cod have an elongated first dorsal fin, which is supported 67-81 soft fin rays. The anal fin is also long, with 50-61 fin rays. The small second dorsal fin has grown together with the small, ending in a tip tail fin. Barbels are absent. The color of the fish is dark brown.

There are only two types:

  • Melanonus gracilis Günther, 1878, lives in the Southern Ocean.
  • Melanonus zugmayeri Norman, 1930, lives in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.