The Mellophone or Melophon, also called Mellophonium, is a brass instrument and one of the horns.

It is mainly used in military orchestras, marching bands and the like played that have a great tradition in the United States. There it replaced in march formations the French horn, as it is easier to handle when walking and the bell pointing forward. This is significant from sonic but also choreographic reasons. It behaves similarly to the sousaphone in comparison to the tuba.

Its range is from F # to c ². Usually Mellophone in their mood in F or Eb tuned. The overtone series is an octave above the F horn. The Mellophon has three valves, as well as the trumpet. Usually a cup mouthpiece is the same design as that of the trumpet - used because it is used as alto horn for the Mellophone. Alternatively, take a French horn mouthpiece. For this purpose, but you need an adapter.