Meritamun was an ancient Egyptian queen. She was a Great Royal Wife of her father Ramses II and the eldest daughter of Nefertari.

Meritamun is known by numerous monuments. It appears in the lists of princesses of her father usually in fourth place. From Akhmim comes a colossal statue found in 1970 that she shows. This once stood in front of the local Mintempel and lined with equally large figures in her father's entrance. This is an honor that was bestowed not even her mother Nefertari.

Probably after the death of her mother, to the 25th year of the reign of Ramses II, she was appointed to the Great Royal Wife. Her grave is located in the Valley of the Queens ( QV68 ). There were found the remains of a large sarcophagus, the lid of which today is located in Berlin 's Egyptian Museum.