Michael Bindlechner

Michael Bindlechner ( born September 3, 1957 in Laa an der Thaya, Lower Austria ) is an Austrian director, cinematographer and producer.


Michael Bindlechner was in Laa an der Thaya, a small town in Lower Austria, the son of a druggist family. The age of ten he played his first film role as Max, in producing the feature film Max and Moritz, after which he received a camera as a souvenir after the shooting.

After completing a photography apprenticeship he worked as a camera assistant for cinematographers like Derek Vanlint, Tony Imi, etc. In 1980 he began to work independently as a cameraman and turned world documentaries and television films. In 1987 he became a director and turned over 250 advertising films at home and abroad. For his work he has received numerous international awards, including the Golden Lion at Cannes.

In 1993, Michael Bindlechner film production FRAMES based in Vienna and produced the feature film " In Heaven", in which he himself directed. For " In Heaven", with Merab Ninidze, Sylvie Testud and Xaver Hutter, he has received numerous international awards. In the advertising industry itself Bindlechner international made ​​his name both as a director and as a producer with his FRAMES film production. Michael Bindlechner 's specialty besides " storytelling " is the " Food & Tabletop " section, in which he is one of the world leaders.

During a break in early 2000, he retired to his second choice home after precious prince in the northern Waldviertel in 2003 and wrote the book "Noble Gardener Prinzer year. Diary of a break. "

Awards (selection)

  • Golden Lion, Cannes
  • British Television register
  • " National Gold Award", Hong Kong Film Festival
  • Clio - nominee, New York
  • " Tiger Award " - competition, Rotterdam
  • "Max Ophüls Award" - nominee, Saarbrücken

Filmography (selection)


Advertising films (director)

More than 250 advertising films, among others, for:

  • Lindt & Sprüngli ( Switzerland ),
  • McDonald's ( Germany )
  • Mars (France )
  • Knorr ( Germany )
  • Stouffer's ( Nestle USA)
  • Rossia - generous soul (Nestlé Russia )
  • Gosser ( Austria )