Michael Ramsey

Arthur Michael Ramsey, Baron Ramsey of Canterbury ( born November 14, 1904 in Cambridge, † April 23, 1988 in Oxford) was in the years 1961 to 1974 Archbishop of Canterbury.


Ramsey studied at Cambridge University and then was Bishop of Durham and Archbishop of York. At the coronation of the young Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 in Westminster Abbey, he was one of the attendant bishops. He was a renowned theologian and put himself in the ecumenical movement. With the election of the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury he solved in this office Geoffrey Fisher, who had already been his teacher at Cambridge, from. Fisher wanted the choice Ramsey prevent this by the Prime Minister pointed out to have been Ramsey's teacher. The Prime Minister replied that Fisher would indeed have been Ramsey's teacher but not his!

After Ramsey retired from this office, he was appointed as Baron Ramsey of Canterbury for Life Peer and won a seat in the House of Lords (House of Lords).

Ramsey died in 1988. His ashes were buried in the garden of the cloister of the Cathedral of Canterbury.