Michael Widenius

, Often called Michael Widenius Monty, ( born March 3, 1962 in Helsinki, Finland, full name Ulf Michael Widenius ) is a Finnish software developer. He was the main author of the original version of the open source database management system MySQL ( which was named after his daughter My) and its default storage engine MyISAM and one of the founders of the company MySQL AB.


Widenius studied at the Helsinki University of Technology, which he left without a degree.

In 1995 he founded together with his fellow David Axmark and Alan Larsson MySQL AB. After Sun Microsystems MySQL AB 2008 took over, left Widenius 2009, the company from dissatisfaction with Sun's release policy, founded Monty Program Ab, which took over the development of the already begun under MySQL AB MySQL Forks MariaDB under his leadership. In addition, Widenius engaged in the investment company he co-founded Open Ocean Capital.