Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server ( previously up to version 2003, SharePoint Portal Server, in short SPS, then until 2010 Office SharePoint Server ) refers to the Portal version of Microsoft SharePoint. The purpose of the SharePoint server is the merging of applications and data sources under a unified web interface.


Microsoft SharePoint Server is a platform for web portals in medium and large companies. SharePoint Server enhances the SharePoint Foundation to service applications and special features. These include:

SharePoint Server can connect to the Reporting Services MSSQL server and serves as a front end for business intelligence reports.


SharePoint Server is a portal and as such suitable for larger systems. SharePoint Foundation, however, is a web application that provides the essential collaboration features and functional platform.

An environment in which SharePoint Server is used has at least one SharePoint Foundation Server. Several SharePoint Foundation Server can be combined into a single portal.

Microsoft SharePoint Server for its part, is available in two editions:

  • SharePoint Server Standard,
  • Microsoft Server Enterprise. Compared to the Standard Edition provides these among other advanced features for business data integration and Microsoft Office integration.