Loxomerus huttoni

The Migadopinae are a subfamily of beetles (Carabidae ).

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The medium sized beetles have a length of 6 to 20 mm. Your body is hairless, but all species, with the exception of Aquilex diabolicola have above the compound eyes ( supraorbital ) hairs. The elytra are längsgefurcht, which runs an additional groove between the first and second primary furrow. Wings are not formed. The thorax is similarly structured as in the subfamily Loricerinae.


So far, the larvae of three species of the genus Loxomerus and a previously unknown species have been described. The internal structure of the larvae is unknown. The head has a more or less constricted throat. The mandibles are straight and slender. The maxilla has a Stipes, the palps and galea are long and slender. The lacinia is missing. The legs have two claws, the front is longer than the rear.

Lifestyle and dissemination

The animals live on the ground and can not fly up in a way.

Systematics and distribution

The relatively small subfamily is divided into two tribes, with 15 species. The main distribution area are the sub-Antarctic regions, such as the Southern part of South America, including the Andes, the Falkland Islands, South Australia and Tasmania and the south of New Zealand and the Auckland Islands. Be colonized cool and temperate rain forests and bogs.