Military branch

A strike force (TTA ) ( NATO designation: military branch or armed service) is defined as part of the armed force, belonging to the different troops with species-specific defense materiel, which are divided into branches of service, branches of service, special forces and services, its own operational art (NATO designation: Military art / Military science ) in place and are able to independently or together with other troops armed forces to carry out battles or operations in operations related forces. The classical subdivision after the First World War takes place in the three branches of the armed forces:

  • Army, or land forces
  • Air Force, Air Force or Air Force / Air Defense
  • Marine or naval forces / Navy

Historical development

The branches of the armed forces emerged in line with technological advances in military affairs and have been continuously developed. So the Air Force in the early 20th century established itself as the last part of armed force.

The army is traditionally the oldest - and in many countries the largest TSK.

The Armed Forces are further subdivided into branches of service, including branches of service, special forces, services to service some areas.


Some countries do not have due to lack of sea access on the part of armed force navy, whereas other states have in turn added more branches of the armed forces.

In addition to the branches of the armed forces already mentioned above, there are, for example, in:

  • France, the Gendarmerie Nationale
  • Italy the Carabinieri
  • Poland Special Forces ( Wojska Specjalne )
  • Russia, the airborne troops
  • South Korea South Korean Marines ( Haebyeongdae )
  • And the U.S. Marine Corps and the Coast Guard

Italy: Carabinieri

Poland: Polish special forces

Russia: airborne troops

South Korea: Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps

USA: Coast Guard


Branches of the armed forces

The three branches of the armed forces of the Bundeswehr ( in order of size ) the German Army, the Luftwaffe and the German Navy.

Organizational areas

As part of the Bundeswehr reform two other independent military organization ranges were in Germany created or enhanced: the armed forces base ( SKB ) and the Central Medical Service ( ZSanDst ).

These two cross-sectional organizational areas are independent of the branches of the armed forces, but are not managed as separate branches of the armed force only due to their supportive and non-combat task.

Both organizational areas do not own uniforms, the uniforms of the armed force is instead taken from the military unit in question originally came or the soldier was zuversetzt. Since it is not to the Army, Air Force or Marines at soldiers of the SKB and the ZSanDst, the term Uniform was created Army / Air Force / Navy new.

The soldiers will continue to be determined career- law on the part assigned to them by the strike force. How to obtain, for example, the Army Uniform SKB their non- subject-related officer training at the Officers School of the Army. The NCO School of the Air Force shall convene only airmen and Air Force Uniform areas of the organization to courses.