Mini-DIN connector

The mini- DIN connector are a family of multi-pole electrical plug connectors which are used in a variety of devices. Mini - DIN is similar to the larger, older DIN connector. Both are standards of the German Institute for Standardization.


Mini - DIN connector have 9.5 mm outer diameter and 7 mm diameter of the metal collar and come in seven different versions with different pin number before. The variants differ in such a way that the various plugs and sockets can not be reversed, thereby it prevents potentially resulting damage. There are also non-standard jacks which are pin-compatible with the standard version of the plug. An example is the GeoPort Apple corresponding to a mini-DIN 8 connector and with an additional pin is capable of both GeoPort 9 -pin connector and the 8-pin standard plug for the serial the Macintosh interface receive.

The pin numbers are found usually stamped into the plastic part where the pins sit, each directly next to these. The use of a magnifying glass may be necessary.

Eg used for coupling with home control

Other applications

  • Connection to the power supply in PC peripherals
  • Commodore 16/Plus/4, joystick (8 -pin) and Datasette ( 7-pin)
  • TV out on many newer video cards (4- pin S -Video jack with manufacturer-dependent additional holes for other signals)
  • Elta DVD systems
  • Type 6 is also used to power the 12- volt range for external hard drives or devices
  • NEC PC Engine ( Turbo Grafx -16 not ), joystick ( 8-pin)