Molecular configuration

Under Configuration refers to the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule or its spatial construction, where rotations are not taken into account by single bonds (this would conformers ).

Notes to the definition

Two molecules with the same constitution have a different configuration, if they can not be accommodated by rotation about single bonds for the exact spatial match ( congruence of the molecules). Can the spatial structure of a molecule A by rotation about single bonds are changed so that its spatial structure corresponds to a molecule B, the molecules A and B have the same configuration.


If two molecules of the same constitution, ie the same order in the linkage of atoms, but a different spatial structure, as is configurational. All stereoisomers, except the conformers are configurational isomers. Examples are so cis -trans isomers, and enantiomers thereof. Configurational have - with rare exceptions - a different physiological effect, so it is important to know the configuration of drugs and other agents.