Mont Thabor

Mont Thabor in winter ( right), left the Pic du Thabor

The Mont Thabor is a 3,178 m high mountain in Cerces massif, a subset of the Cozie Alps Savoie in the French department ( Rhone-Alpes region ).

The summit marked until 1947 the border with Italy, but was the peace treaty - as well as the entire former Valle Stretta as Vallée ETROITE - slammed France.

At the summit there is a mountain chapel, which dates according to the local tradition from the 11th century and each year takes place on a pilgrimage.

The summit can be reached via a footpath from the Valle Stretta / Etroite Vallée (near Bardonecchia / Piedmont).

The name of the mountain probably goes back to the time of the Crusaders, who also visited the Mount Tabor (Israel).