Monte Desert

As Monte a dry steppe exemplary bushland large parts of the country is referred to in Argentina, covered. The Monte extends from the southern edge of the Puna ( in the province of Catamarca ) over the provinces of La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and La Pampa to Patagonia, where he occupies the coastal region of the provinces of Rio Negro and Chubut and then set into a grass steppe passes.

The climate of Mount varies depending on the latitude, but in general one can say that the Monte has a continental temperate steppe climate with 150-300 mm of precipitation per year.

The vegetation is limited to loose -standing shrubs, between which cacti and dry grasses are mainly to be found. Among the several species of the genus Larrea shrubs of the family of Jochblattgewächse ( Zygophyllaceae ) occur regularly dominant. Trees can only be found in oases and river valleys, which is mainly due to ever- present wind.

The fauna is found in mammals often the guanaco (Lama guanicoe ), but also the Puma and various types of armadillos and rabbits.


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