La Pampa Province

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( Details)

- Total - Percentage of Argentina

143,440 km ² 5.29

- Total 2001 - Density

299 294 inhabitants 2.1 inhabitants / km ²

La Pampa is a province in central Argentina. Capital is Santa Rosa de Toay with 85,000 inhabitants.


The majority of the province 's territory is flat and is part of the dry part of the Pampa - plane, the drought for salt steppe adhere to the west is still increasing. The climate is temperate. Interrupted the level of the Sierra del Nevado (up to 1200 m) in the northwest of the province, as well as from the Sierra Lihuel Calel (up to 600 m ) in the south of the central part. In the latter, the National Park Lihue Calel, the only tourist center of the province is located.


La Pampa is very sparsely populated, just to the east, the population density reaches average values ​​, the West is almost uninhabited and is home to, among others, the least populated department in Argentina, Limay Mahuida (400 inhabitants). In addition to the provincial capital are the only towns of importance in General Pico ( 55,000 inhabitants), General Acha ( 25,000 inhabitants) and Realico (20,000 inhabitants), all located in the eastern part of the province. In the western part the only place about 5,000 inhabitants is located on the Río Colorado 25 de Mayo.

Administrative divisions

The province of La Pampa is divided into 22 departments. The municipalities are divided into two classes. Municipalities with more than 500 inhabitants are called municipios, those to 500 inhabitants Comisiones de Fomento. The territories of the departments and the communities are not congruent. The municipal boundaries normally exceed one or more department boundaries.


La Pampa is dominated by agriculture. The industry is at best in the capital and in General Pico a role and is mainly limited to food processing.