Department (Spanish for " Department " ) is a term for political- territorial units in different Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America:

  • In Argentina, 22 of the 23 provinces in 376 departments divided, see departments in Argentina
  • Bolivia is divided into nine departments, which in turn are subdivided into provinces, see departments in Bolivia
  • El Salvador is divided into 14 departments, see departments in El Salvador
  • Guatemala is divided into 22 departments, see departments in Guatemala
  • Honduras is divided into 18 departments, see departments in Honduras
  • Colombia is divided into 32 departments and one capital district (Distrito Capital ) divided, see Colombian departments
  • Nicaragua is divided into 15 departments and two autonomous regions ( Comunidades Autónomas ), see departments in Nicaragua
  • Paraguay 's 17 departments and one capital district (Distrito Capital ) divided, see departments in Paraguay
  • Peru was divided into 24 departments, see Administrative divisions of Peru
  • Uruguay is divided into 19 departments, see departments in Uruguay

In contrast, the names of the major administrative units in other Latin American countries also state, region or province. So divided

  • Brazil in 27 states
  • Chile in 14 regions and provinces
  • Ecuador in 24 provinces and cantons
  • Cuba in 15 provinces
  • Panama in 9 provinces and 5 territories
  • Venezuela in 23 states
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