Departments of Paraguay

Paraguay consists of 17 departments and the Distrito Capital, the capital, Asunción, includes ( capitals in parentheses ) since 1993:

A first division of the country in Departementos was made by the legislature in 1906, the time between a part of the country ( province Occidente ) was west of the Paraguay River with twelve Departementos and the district around the capital and the eastern part of the country ( Oriente province ) differed under military administration. This administrative classification has been changed over the years several times, the last change of the Departementosgrenzen was carried out in 1992, when the interim existing in the eastern, former military administration part of the country Oriente province Departementos Chaco and Nueva Asunción in the now remaining three Departementos Alto Paraguay, Boqueron and Presidente Hayes were incorporated. Each of the listed Departementos is further divided into districts.