Mount Katmai

Mount Katmai with crater lake in Sept. 1980

Mount Katmai - also Katmai - is a stratovolcano on the Alaska Peninsula in southwestern Alaska, in Katmai National Park. It is located in the Aleutian Island chain and is thus a part of the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The crater rim reaches a height of 2047 m. The volcano has a diameter of 10 km. In its center a 3-4.5 km wide caldera, in which a nearly 250 -meter-deep crater lake has formed at an altitude of 1286 m is located. The Katmai is glaciated.

Historical eruptions of Katmai are not known. However, approximately 10 km occurred in June 1912 to a violent volcanic eruption of Novarupta. As a result of this outburst broke the location below the summit of Katmai Lavakammer. The result was the now filled with water or caldera.