MOV is an abbreviation for:

  • Manuscript on vellum, a parchment - writing on vellum
  • Naval Officers Association, an association of active and former Navy officers and cadets
  • Metal Oxide Varistor, an electronic component, a voltage-dependent resistor
  • Method of verification, a description of the method the verification method in tests or measurements
  • Moranbah Airport, the airport in Moranbah, Queensland, Australia after the IATA code
  • Multi-organ failure, a concurrent, severe impairment of various organs
  • VIM Airlines (Russian: ВИМ Авиа ), a Russian charter airline based in Moscow after the ICAO code

Mov stands for:

  • A processor instruction ( mnemonic ) for moving memory contents (move), see assembly language # Description

. mov stands for:

  • '. Mov ', a file extension for videos, see QuickTime # Supported Formats and Codecs
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