MTV Hits

MTV Hits is a digital pay- TV music channels from the UK. The first broadcast was on 1 July 1999 under the name MTV Extra, whose name was changed to the present name on 1 May 2001.

The program includes most current music from the mainstream area, but also music formats with a focus on dance, rock, R'n'B or targeted older music videos. Due to legal requirements, a certain proportion of program content for the deaf must be filled, which is why reality show formats of the parent channel MTV One will be broadcast in the night program. Occasionally shows MTV Hits in eve or evening program such formats, but in general, the focus is on the broadcasting of music videos.

The transmitter will be marketed in Europe, despite its thematic focus on the UK. This includes countries such as France, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Benelux countries. In Germany, the spread over the so-called MTV unlimited package via satellite or directly in the cable.

Current program formats

  • 5 In A Row
  • Dancefloor chart
  • Euro Top 20
  • Flux Me I'm Famous
  • Hits Doubles
  • I Wish It Was ...
  • Interactive chart
  • Mr. Know It All
  • Nothing But Hits
  • Spanking New Music
  • The Ibiza Dancefloor Chart
  • The News Cube
  • The Official R & B Singles Chart
  • The Official UK Top 20/40
  • The Rock Chart
  • The Urban Chart
  • Top 50 Anthems ...

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