VH1 Classic

VH1 Classic is a digital pay- TV music channels from the UK. We only music videos shown that are mostly grouped under certain mottos (eg, We Are The 80s ).

Focus is on music videos from the 1970s through the 1990s. A special feature is the regular sprinkling of excerpts from concerts and live performances. Some of these come from programs such as the Beat Club or recorded long before the 1970s. To make video clips from the 1940s, the program is not necessarily a feature dar.

First broadcast was on 1 July 1999 First, the British version was broadcast throughout Europe. ; since December 1, 2005 be received outside the UK, only the European version. In Germany, VH1 Classic is marketed via the MTV Tune Inn package. The British version of the channel was converted into MTV Classic on March 1, 2010. Until November 30, 2011 VH1 Classic aired in the package " Kabel Digital Home " from cable Germany as well as to 4 April 2012 on the premiere successor SKY. Meanwhile, VH1 Classic to receive again the most pay - TV provider in Germany (eg cable Germany, Sky, Unity Media ).