IUCN Category II - National Park

Park entrance Mudumu National Park

The Mudumu National Park (English Mudumu National Park ) is a 1009.59 square kilometer national park in the region Zambezi River in northeastern Namibia.

Starting point for Mudumu is the north-west of the park nearby places Kongola. The park is bounded to the west by the Kwando River, the north east of the park is a dry interspersed with mopane trees bush savannah and in the southwest of the park is dominated by the Linyantisümpfe, a very unusual for Namibia Landscape: Reetinseln, rivers and marshes characterize this area. The south of the swamps subsequent Linyanti forms the southern boundary of the park and also the state border of Namibia to Botswana.

The Mudumu National Park is very rich in wildlife and in addition to lions and elephants, rare antelopes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles and over 430 species of birds.

The park is accessible only by very bad dirt roads that allow a visit only with an off-road vehicle or boat. Due to its remote location and the tropical climate typical malaria risk, the park is visited only by tourists, there are a number of private lodge accommodation on the edge of the park

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