Museum of Finnish Architecture

The Finnish Museum of Architecture (Finnish: Suomen arkkitehtuurimuseo ) in Helsinki is one of the oldest and most important centers of modern architecture in Europe. It was founded in 1949 from the 1956 Photo Archive of the Association Finnish architects forth. Since then, the Museum has organized around 450 exhibitions worldwide and thus significantly promoted the image and reputation of Finnish architecture. In the museum's collections are among others to 350.000 Design drawings and 85,000 photographs documenting the history of architecture from the Middle Ages to the present. The museum has, inter alia, also one of the largest architecture library with over 30,000 volumes, researching and publishing. The museum celebrated in November 2006, its 50th anniversary with an exhibition in honor of the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen.

The building

The museum is housed since 1981 in a building that was built in 1899 in Neo-Renaissance style designed by architect Magnus Schjerfbeck for the " learned societies " and later temporarily gymnastics department of the University of Helsinki served as a residence.