Namonuito Atoll

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Namonuito, also Namonweito, Weito, or Magur Islands, is a large atoll in the Northwest Region of Chuuk of the Federated States of Micronesia.


Namonuito located 170 km northwest of the main islands of Chuuk, and 137 km to the west of the atoll Nomwin in the Hall Islands.

With a total area of ​​2267 km ² (of which 1874.9 km ² lagoon area) is exceeded in Micronesia only from Kwajalein and Truk. The atoll is similar to a triangle with a 82 km long base, which forms the southern flank. The land area of the 12 islands is only 4.38 km ². The population for the 2000 census was 1341st

Large parts of the Riffkranzes are lost or are in relatively deep water, which is not an obstacle to shipping, so that the atoll is not perceived as such from the vicinity, especially long distances between individual islands, about 80 km along the southern flank of the atoll and over 50 km along the northwestern flank. Most of the islands lie along the northeast flank of the atoll. The entrance to the lagoon, and the passage is therefore not restricted as typically in atolls to specific passages, but is possible in most places along the atoll ring.

Main island is Onoun ( Ulul ) in the southwest, with a land area of 2.54 square kilometers (more than half of the land mass of the entire atoll ), and a population of 598 ( 2000), which is also the largest municipality of the atoll at the same time.


Administratively, the atoll is divided into five municipalities, totaling 40 in the State of Chuuk. These include statistical Oksoritod island region (northwest).