National Democratic Front (Iran)

The National Democratic Front (Persian جبهه دموکراتیک ملی Dschebhe Demokratik Melli ) of Iran is a party founded in 1979 during the Islamic Revolution of Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari that is attributable to the left of the spectrum. Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari is the son of Ahmad Matin - Daftari and grandson of Mohammad Mossadegh. Shortly after its founding, the National Democratic Front of Iran was by the new government prohibited.


Prior to founding a new party Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari was as an advocate for human rights issues of the political opposition against the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The party was founded in March 1979, at a time when the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi already left Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran. The National Democratic Front of Iran was next to the National Front and the ... as one of the three most important political civil movements.

Policy program

The National Democratic Front of Iran had spoken out against a theocratic system in Iran was this political opinion against the IRP and Khomeini. Thus, it was considered as a melting pot of all political forces, the abwanden from the National Front and its specific Khomeini Prime Minister of the Transitional Mehdi Bazargan and turned against the policies of the communist Tudeh Party, the Khomeini of solidarity in the fight against the " imperialist West " unterstützte.Moin: Khomeini. 2001, p.218. < / Ref >

To Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari, a former member of the National Front was hoping with the founding of the National Democratic Front in the political heritage Mohammad Mossadegh build and to create a People's Party, which was selected for the Iranian middle class and the nationalist academics. "

The NDF called the Mach Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic Revolutionary Courts and the Revolutionary Committee to curtail. She represented a policy of political and economic decentralization.

The NDF boycotted the referendum held on 31 March 1979, received the state form of an Islamic republic with Iran. However, they supported the call for a parliamentary democracy with equal rights for women and men, the observance of human rights and limiting the power of the president. Since the elections to the first Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran were not recognized by the NDF to be free, they boycotted the elections.

The demonstrations were organized by the NDF massively disrupted by the Iranian Hisbollahbewegung. On August 12, 1979, came after the closure of the newspaper Ayandegan mass protests against the government. The demonstrators were pelted by supporters of the government with stones and attacked with sticks and chains .. Counsellor Strenziok reported on August 13, 1979 Tehran:

" In conflicts with orthodox Islamic groups, which apparently with stones, knives, daggers and clubs attacked the demonstrators, there were hours of brawls. Newspapers reported 300 injured, some seriously. Apart from ... spontaneous demonstrations against negative phenomena in post- revolutionary Iran ( Committee assaults, arbitrary acts of the Revolutionary Guards, veil compulsory for women, treatment of minorities, unemployment, etc. ), this was the first major demonstration organized. New ... activated by recent blatant electoral manipulation. "

A little later the building and the technical equipment of the newspaper Ayandegan was seized and sacked the editors. The anti-government newspaper was converted into a pro-government newspaper editors with new and re-released under the name Sobh -e Azadegan. For Hedayat Matin - Daftari a warrant was issued. As a primer " disturbing public order " is specified.

After these events, the party continued as underground movement. The NDF worked from that point on, together with the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the Volksmodschahedin founded by Abolhassan Banisadr to overthrow the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the outbreak of the Iran -Iraq War, the cooperation has ended with the Volksmodschahedin, as these had gone on the side of Saddam Hussein.