Ahmad Matin-Daftari

Ahmad Matin - Daftari (Persian احمد متین دفتری; * 1896 in Tehran, † 1971 ibid ) was a lawyer, university professor, Minister of Justice and Prime Minister of Iran.


Ahmad Matin - Daftari, also known under the nickname Mo'in al - Dowleh was born in 1896 as the son of Mirza Mahmud - Chan An ol Mamalek. He came from an old Iranian officials family that could trace its origins to the Zand Dynasty.

Ahmad Matin - Daftari attended the German School in Tehran. After graduation, he studied and received his doctorate in France.

He was a member of the Iranian Parliament ( Majlis ). In 1939 he was named after the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Mahmoud Djam. During his reign, the first national census of Iran took place. Matin - Daftari also founded with the help of Siemens AG Radio Tehran.

In addition to his political offices taught Matin - Daftari at Tehran University Law.

After the Anglo- Soviet invasion of Ahmad Matin - Daftari was arrested on the orders of the British in 1941 because of his political relations with Germany.

Ahmad Matin - Daftari was married to a daughter of Mohammad Mossadegh and had two sons. His son Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari was a member of Volksmodschahedin and founder of the National Democratic Front of Iran. His political career took a premature end in 1962. The reason was the political activity of his two sons in particular Hedayatollah Matin - Daftari, who had joined the guerrilla organization Volksmodschahedin to overthrow Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Ahmad Matin - Daftari died in 1971 in Tehran.