Mostowfi ol-Mamalek

Mirza Hassan al Mostofi Mamalek (Persian حسن مستوفی; * 1871, † August 28, 1932 ) was in his time one of the most popular politicians of Iran and Iranian Prime Minister several times.


Hassan Mostofi was the son of Mirza Yousef Mostofi al Mamalek. Already the father of Hassan Mostofi served as finance minister and prime minister under Naser al -Din Shah. 1881 awarded Naser al -Din Shah after his father's death ten-year old Hassan the title Mostofi al Mamalek ( financial administrator of the Empire). At age 19, he was sent to France to study. He remained his return to Iran in Paris until 1907., He was Secretary of Defense. He supported the Constitutional Revolution, the abolition of absolute monarchy and the establishment of a parliamentary legitimate government in Iran.

After the overthrow of Mohammed Ali Shah in 1909 Hassan Mostafi was in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Mohammad Vali Khan Tonekaboni Sepahdar Finance. In July 1910 Hassan Mostofi was the first time Prime Minister. During the attempted coup of Mohammed Ali Shah, he gave up his office.

That he was chosen in the subsequent period another five times as Prime Minister, is what important politician Hassan Mostofi was. After the election, Reza Khan's specific to the Shah by the Parliament in 1925, this Hassan Mostofi 1926 for a year as prime minister. It was the sixth and last time that Mostofi held this office. Under Mostofi reform of the judicial system has begun, abolished the privileges for foreigners and commissioned the construction of the Trans- Iranian Railway in attack.

He died on 28 August 1932 in Tehran and was buried in the mausoleum of the Mostofi family in Vanak. Is now located at the site of the Alzahra University, the former Farah Pahlavi University.