Mohsen Sadr

Mohsen Sadr (Persian محسن صدر; * 1866 in Mahallat at Markazi, † October 19, 1962 in Tehran ) was an Iranian politician and Prime Minister of Iran.


Mohsen Sadr was born in 1866 in Mahallat at Markazi, as the son of Seyyed Hossein ' Fakhr ol - Zakerin ', a wealthy clergyman. He was given the title " Sadr ol - Ashraf " after the death of his godfather Seyyed Sadr ed- Din Sadr ol - Ashraf ', the son of the influential courtier Anoushirvan ( Shir ) Khan Qajar Qovanlou ' Eyn ol - Molk '' Etezad od- Doleh ' ( a cousin of Naser ad -Din Shah ) was. Mohsen ' Sadr ol - Ashraf ' served as a royal advisor to one of the sons of Naser ad -Din Shah and acted in many political positions in his career, for example, as president of the high court in Tehran, the governor of Khorasan, President of the Majlis, Justice Minister, Prime Minister (1945 ) and Senator.

He died on October 19, 1962 of a brain tumor in Tehran.