Morteza-Qoli Bayat

Morteza Bayat Gholi (Persian مرتضیقلی بیات, also Mortaza Qolī Bayat Saham al - Soltan, * 1882 in Arak, † 1955) was Prime Minister of Iran.


Morteza Bayat Gholi was born in 1882 in Arak, the son of wealthy landowners. The father of Morteza, Haj Abbas Qoli Khan Saham al - Molk Araki, fought as a leader of the Bayat tribe and founder of the Democratic Party in Arak for the Constitutional Revolution of Iran.

Morteza Bayat Gholi was over ten years member of the Iranian parliament. Bayat counted in June 1921 the co-signatories of the " document of truth," which had appeared in a Tehran daily newspaper, and in which the cancellation of the Anglo -Iranian Treaty of 1919 and the conviction of Seyyed Zia al Din Tabatabai was demanded. Tabatabai was overthrown in 1921 Prime Minister Fathollah Akbar Sepahdar a coup on February 21, and then had taken over the office of prime minister for 100 days. During the reign of Prime Minister Reza Khan, later Reza Shah Pahlavi, Bayat was vice president of the Iranian parliament.

In the first cabinet of Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Foroughi under Reza Shah Bayat 1925 was finance minister. A position he took over for a second time in 1935 in the cabinet of Prime Minister Ali Soheili.

During the Anglo-Soviet occupation of Iran in the context of the Anglo - Soviet invasion of Iran Morteza Bayat Gholi 1944 Prime Minister on 25 November. In this time a visit by General Charles de Gaulle in Tehran fell. De Gaulle had traveled on November 27, 1944 to Moscow to coordinate with Stalin. On the return trip De Gaulle made ​​on 13 December 1944 in Tehran hold. He thanked the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi for had occurred on July 10, 1944 official recognition of the Provisional Government led by him through Iran. The recognition took place before the liberation of Paris, which took place only on August 5, 1944. Immediately after the recognition by Iran De Gaulle had sent an ambassador to Tehran to resume previously interrupted relations between the two countries again. Another important decision was made during the reign of Prime Minister Bayat with the declaration of war by Iran against Japan.

The term of office of Prime Minister Morteza Bayat Gholi but lasted only a few months. Already on 2 May 1945 Bayat resigned. His successor in the office of prime minister was Ali Soheili.

1953 Bayat Head of the National Iranian Oil Company ( NIOC ). He held this post until the year 1955

Morteza Bayat Gholi was buried after his death in Najaf.