Abdol Majid Mirza

Soltan Abdol Majid Mirza Eyn -al- Dowleh (* 1845, † 1927) was a Kadscharenprinz. He was the eldest son of Prince Soltan Ahmad Mirza Azad al - Dowleh and great-grandson of Fath Ali Shah. Eyn -al- Dowleh was several times prime minister of Iran. Abdol Majid Mirza was married to the daughter of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Princess Fakhr -os- Saltaneh.

Political career

Eyn -al- Dowleh in 1903 under the reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Prime Minister. In order to collect import duties to repay a loan that had Muzaffar ad-Din received from the Russian state bank, he took action against the merchants of the bazaar with proverbial cruelty. Your demonstrations against the ruthless policy Eyn -al- Dowlehs triggered a political earthquake. Demands for a " House of Justice ", a constitution and a parliamentary representation were loud. In July 1906 Eyn -al- Dowleh was forced to resign, and on August 5, 1906, signed Muzaffar al-Din Shah issued a decree on the introduction of a parliamentary system in Iran. The end of the absolute monarchy in Iran was come, the Constitutional Revolution had begun.

In June 1908 Mohammed Ali Shah had dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution force. With an attack on Tabriz under the leadership of Eyn -al- Dowleh the last defenders of the constitutional movement should be captured. But the struggle to Tabriz ended for Mohammad Ali Shah in defeat and his flight to the Russian exile. The political career Eyn -al- Dowlehs ended with the flight of Mohammad Ali Shah first.

Only in the course of the First World War, he should be again during the Russian occupation of Iran by the British July-August 1915, and later from June 1917 to May 1918 the Prime Minister. Iran it was then that on December 14, 1917 is recognized as one of the first countries in the world, the new Soviet government. Eyn -al- Dowleh seized the opportunity and declared all contracts concluded with the tsarist government null and void and offered the new Soviet government negotiations on the restructuring of the mutual relations of.

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  • Qajar
  • Prime Minister (Iran)
  • Iranian
  • Born in 1845
  • Died in 1927
  • Man