National Grid plc

National Grid plc (until 2005 National Grid Transco plc ) is a publicly listed British transmission grid operator based in London.

National Grid owns the transmission network in England and operates electricity and gas networks in the UK, the United States and Australia. The 500 is listed on the S & P 's National Grid USA is a subsidiary. Mostly National Grid has been working in the UK.


National Grid was formed in 1990 from the splitting of the Central Electricity Generating Board ( CEGB ). The shares of National Grid were distributed to the 12 regional utilities in England. On 11 December 1995, the shares were traded for the first time on the London Stock Exchange. The 12 original shareholders have sold most of their shares within one year on the stock market.

In the 2000s, the company entered the U.S. market was through the acquisition of several utilities in the northeastern United States.


National Grid Van in Coventry