National Liberal Party (Lebanon)

The National Liberal Party ( NLP abbreviation, Arabic حزب الوطنيين الأحرار Hizb al - Ahrar - waṭaniyyīn al, French Parti national libéral ) is a political party in Lebanon, founded by the former head of state of Lebanon Camille Chamoun in 1958. It is the moment of Dory Chamoun, his son out.

Political orientation

The party has taken a tough stance with regard to the preservation of Lebanon's independence and is a guardian of liberalism and respects the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Like most political organizations in Lebanon, the NLP stands on sectarian basis and has mainly Christians as followers.


During the Lebanese civil war from 1975 to 1990, the NLP was standing in a row with the mainly Maronite Christian Alliance, which fought the Lebanese National Movement ( LNM ). They had their own armed militia, the Tigers militia. In 1977, the NLP allied with the Kata'ib Party (also called phalanges ) and the Lebanese Renewal Party ( LRP) and formed the Lebanese Front, a political coalition. Similarly, the militias were united under a central command, the Lebanese Forces under the leader of the Phalange Bachir Gemayel. In 1980, Gemayel turned against the Tigers and turned in a Ûberraschungsaktion the militia, at the request of Camille Chamoun, some say. The NLP as a party, however, persisted.

In 2005, the NLP was part of the Qurnat - Schahwan collection, which was against the Syrian presence in Lebanon; she left the alliance but because they suspected other members of the government of corruption.