National Library at Kolkata romanization

NLAC was supported by the Indian National Library in Kolkata ( Calcutta at National Library, NLAC ) established as a transliteration standard for the representation of Indian alphabets. It is mainly used in specialist and dictionaries. In addition to the transliteration by NLAC used in the Indology you also find the transliteration according to IAST and the phonetic representation using IPA. On the Internet, you can still often find the transcription in the pure ASCII standard ITRANS; is very similar to the Harvard -Kyoto standard.

NLAC differs from IAST hinsichtlicher use of ē and ō for ए and ओ (e and o are used for the short vowels ) and in the use of ' L' for the consonants ळ ( for Vedic and Marathi ) or ಳ ( for Kannada ). The symbols ॠ ऌ and ॡ are not included.

Occasionally NLAC is called the Library of Congress ( LC) transliteration. NLAC and IAST are both subsets of ISO 15919th

The table below includes mainly Devanagari letters, but also introduces some sounds from the languages ​​Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali on to represent the transliteration of letters of other headings as Devanagari.