National Premier Leagues NSW

  • 2001 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
  • 2002 Parramatta Eagles
  • 2003 APIA Leichhardt Tigers
  • 2004 Bankstown City
  • 2005 Bankstown City
  • 2006 Sydney United FC
  • 2007 Blacktown City
  • 2008 Wollongong FC
  • 2009 Sutherland Sharks
  • 2010 Blacktown City FC
  • 2011 Sydney Olympic FC
  • 2012 Marconi Stallions

The New South Wales Premier League is the highest football league in the southern half of the Australian state of New South Wales and is placed after the A-League in second place in the Australian Football League pyramid. The Northern New South Wales State Football League Starting from Lake Macquarie is under the Association Northern New South Wales Football Match the appropriate class. The New South Wales Premier League runs under the auspices of the Football Association of New South Wales, NSW Football.

In contrast to the A-League, there is a relegated, but the first place winner can not ascend, as the next highest league is the A-League, in which you are now is no relegation system.

Just as in the A-League season is divided into two in the regular season ( prime minister ) and playoffs. The top four teams in the Premier then play in the playoffs the champion of the New South Wales Premier League from.

In 2008, a women's and youth competition was similar to the A-League, in addition to Mr. competition added, with women 's and youth teams of clubs that are represented in Herrenwettbewrb.

With the exception of the South Coast from Wollongong Wolves all the clubs in Sydney are located. This Manly comes from the north, APIA Leichhardt Tigers in the inner west. All other clubs come from the Western Suburbs, the western suburbs of the city. The Spartans from Blacktown play for the first time in the country's highest league.