NATO Medal

The NATO Medal is an award of NATO for military personnel who participated in NATO-led missions abroad (eg, SFOR, KFOR and ISAF).

For the inserts SFOR (Bosnia - Herzegovina) and KFOR (Kosovo) were each given a different form of NATO Medal. These differ in the ribbon, and in the inscription on the award and the clasp on the belt buckle.

It may not be supported by current and former soldiers of the Bundeswehr. The award of the Bundeswehr deployment medal and the accompanying NATO medal is usually in an honorable ceremony, the Medal parade in the country. If the NATO medal worn by current and former soldiers of the Bundeswehr, they must obtain the band buckle in the 25 mm version itself, since only the execution of 25 mm is allowed on the service uniform.

At the beginning of SFOR missions awarding the NATO medal due to supply difficulties occurred only at the home site.

Was a soldier several times in the same theater, for example, in SFOR, then he shall be given the NATO medal, but is then found on the band buckle a patch "2" stands for the fact that the soldier example been there twice in the SFOR operation.

Meanwhile, there is the medal according to the different operations with the following strap buckles.

" Kosovo " for KFOR

"Article 5" Eagle Assist

"Article 5" Active Endeavour

"Non Article 5" for the Balkans (KFOR )


" Meritorious Service "

" Macedonia" for Task Force Fox