Nayla Moawad

Nayla Moawad ( born July 3, 1940 in Bsharri ) (Arabic: نيلة معوض ) is a Lebanese politician. It is outside of Lebanon mostly as widow of former President René Moawad known, who was murdered on 22 November 1989. She was first elected in 1991 in the Lebanese National Assembly and after their re-election in 2005, she was the Cabinet on July 19, Minister of Social Affairs.


Nayla Issa El- Khouri was born in Bsharri the daughter of Najib Issa El- Khouri and Evelyne Roch. Her father came from a well-known Maronitenfamilie and was a relative of Béchara el- Khoury, the first president of Lebanon after independence. She attended a Catholic school and then the Université Saint -Joseph, they come with a BA graduated in French Literature and History. Later she studied nor the English Language at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

From 1962 to 1965 Moawad worked as a journalist for the daily newspaper L' Orient. In 1965, she was surprised by the marriage of René Moawad, the firstborn of a rival family clan, who was 15 years older than her. Despite the age difference and the traditional rejection between their two families, they led a happy marriage, from which emerged two children, Rima, a graduate of Harvard and now a lawyer, was born in 1966 and Michel, a lawyer and businessman, and at the Sorbonne in Paris studied, followed in 1972.

Parliamentary career

As a member of the National Assembly Naila Moawad represents the electoral district in Tripoli Zgharta - governorate of North Lebanon. She was a member of several parliamentary committees in the area of ​​finances, children's rights and education. She is a prominent member of the opposition party Qurnat - Schahwan Collection, a coalition that came against the Syrian military presence in Lebanon and supports the formation of a modern, democratic nation-state. She is also a member of the Democratic Forum, a group of Christian and Muslim parliamentarians against the pro-Syrian regime, and the National Front is connected, a composite of several denominations block of deputies, which stands for political reform. In the election in Lebanon from May to June 2005, she defended her seat by a wide margin.

In 2004, Moawad announced her candidacy for the presidential election, which would have in the years to take place, however, were moved into 2007, obviously on working towards the Syrian government.