NBA All-Defensive Team

The appointment to the NBA All-Defensive Team is a lost since the 1968/69 NBA season award in the U.S. professional league NBA.

Election process

At the end of each regular season choose the 30 head coach of the NBA's best defenders in the league. These are ten players who are divided into a first- and a second- team usually. The coach may select any player of their own team. A player gets two points for each choice in the first- team and one point per election to the Second Team. The five players with the most points form the first- team, while the remaining players make the second team.

Event of a tie, it may happen that the first- team consists of six players. Another player will then be called to the Second Team. So it was, for example, in the 2005/06 season to the fact that the NBA All-Defensive team consisted of eleven players, as Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd same number of points received. The positions make no difference, so that the second- team in the season 2005/ 06 was, for example, three forwards, a center and a guard.

Successful defense

Kareem Abdul- Jabbar and Tim Duncan are eleven appeals to the NBA All-Defensive Team, the successful defender of the league history. Duncan was appointed even from 1998 to 2008. Then Scottie Pippen comes with ten vocations. Michael Jordan and Gary Payton share the record for most NBA All-Defensive First - Team appointments with nine elections. Pippen, Bobby Jones and Duncan were appointed eight times in the first- team. Other good defenders like Dennis Rodman, Walt Frazier and Kevin Garnett made ​​it seven times into the first- team.