NBA All-Rookie Team

The NBA All- Rookie Team is an annual chosen selection of the best League newcomers ( rookies ) in the National Basketball Association. It is chosen since the 1962/1963 season after the end of the regular season of the NBA coaches. The coach may not select a player from their own team. The All- Rookie team consists of two teams of five players, the so-called first- team and second- team. A player gets two points for a choice in the first- team and two points for an election to the Second Team. The five players, most points that achieve this, come to the first- team and five players with the most closest to the Second Team. If there are two players who reach the same number of points in fifth place, then the First - Team will be extended by one player. The second team is in such a case yet of five players (an extension to six players is also possible here ). This was something more than once, for example, many voices had in 2007 LaMarcus Aldridge and Jorge Garbajosa achieved simultaneously. When choosing the All- Rookie team, the position of the players is not observed, for example, was the All- Rookie Team in 2008 from four forwards and a guard.

Nine former All- Rookie Team members have won in their careers both the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and the MVP Award. Wes Unseld is the only player who has achieved in the same season. At the end of the season 2007-2008 season 29 former members of the All- Rookie team were inducted into the Hall of Fame. A total of 28 members were not born in the U.S. and 120 are still active.

Player Team

1 Prior to the 1971/72 season Lew Alcindor changed his name to Kareem Abdul- Jabbar

2 Due to an injury took the top draft pick of 2009, Blake Griffin, in the season 2009/ 10 on any game part. Therefore, the 2010/ 11 was counted as his rookie season.

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