Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are a basketball team in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association from Orlando in Florida. Richard DeVos is the owner of the franchise. The team is coached by Jacque Vaughn. The team colors are blue, black, silver and white.


The first steps (1989-1992)

The team was founded in 1989. A competition, which was sponsored by members of the Orlando Magic and the Orlando Sentinel newspaper allowed the local community to suggest names for their new franchise. In the final round of this competition came from a total of 4,296 proposals submitted, the name "Heat", the " Tropics ", " Juice" and "Magic".

The time until today

The Orlando Magic disputed until the end of the 2009/10 season their home games at the Amway Arena. Since the 2010/11 season home games will be played in the newly built Amway Center. The team was able to win any championship. In 1995 they were the first of their Conference and went for the first time in the NBA Finals, where they were beaten by the Houston Rockets 4-0. 1995, 1996 and 2008 to 2010 she led at the end of the season in the Atlantic Division.

After the 2004 NBA Draft, in which they chose the center Dwight Howard at first place, they returned to winning ways and are found regularly in the playoffs. In 2008, the team lost there in the Conference semi-final with 2:4 games against the Detroit Pistons. 2009 reached the Magic for the second time in its history the NBA Finals by both the defending champions, the Boston Celtics, as well as the best team so far this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers with the MVP of the regular season of 2009, LeBron James, beat. In the 2009 NBA Finals, they were subject to the Los Angeles Lakers with 1:4.

After they had beaten in the playoffs in 2010, in which they started as Conference- second behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first two rounds, first the Charlotte Bobcats and the Atlanta Hawks with 4-0, they had to in the final of the Eastern Conference of the defeated with 2:4 Boston Celtics.

Over the 2010/11 season, the Magic threaded a few trades in order to establish an effective team for the playoffs can. So found among other Gilbert Arenas and Jason Richardson the way to Orlando. In return, players like Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat (both to the Phoenix Suns) and Rashard Lewis ( to the Washington Wizards ) cast. But already in the first round of the playoffs have had to give the Orlando Magic Atlanta Hawks to a 4-2 defeat. In the following year they eliminated in the first round, this time 4-1 against the Indiana Pacers. The main reason was the failure of Dwight Howard, who sat out with back problems. Shortly after the end of the season coach Stan Van Gundy has been relieved of his duties.

New Head Coach for the 2012/13 season was the former point guard Jacque Vaughn. Vaughn spent the last two years as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. Previously, the Most Improved Player of the season 2011/2012 Ryan Anderson to the New Orleans Hornets had already been transferred. In return, the Magic Forward Gustavo Ayón received. Furthermore, Dwight Howard was transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers. In return alternated among other Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington to the Magic. The season ended as expected in the cellar of the Eastern Conference with a record of 20 wins and 62 defeats. Thus were the Magic the worst team in the league 2012/2013.

Current squad

Honors and significant achievements



Since 2010, the Amway Center is the home of the Orlando Magic Hall. The hall offers 18,500 spectators at home games and is owned by the city of Orlando. From 1989 to 2010, the Magic wore their home games at the Amway Arena, which has now been closed and demolished.