Marcin Gortat

Marcin Gortat ( born February 17, 1984 in Łódź) is a Polish basketball player. Since 2013, the son of boxer Janusz Gortat in NBA stands at the Washington Wizards under contract.

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Gortat started his career at ŁKS Łódź in Poland. In 2003 he moved with 19 years in the National Basketball League to Rhein Energie Cologne. Initially used only sporadically, he became a key player of the team that was founded in 2006 and German champion in 2004, 2005 and 2007 German Cup winner. He was also in the 2005 NBA Draft selected by the Phoenix Suns in the second round as 57 players, however, the draft rights to the Orlando Magic were further transferred. He remained in Germany until 2007, before moving to the United States.


Orlando Magic (2007-2010)

After his move to the Orlando Magic Gortat was initially used for some games at the Anaheim Arsenal, a farm team of the Magic in the NBA Development League. On 2 December 2007, he was taken as finally adopted by the Magic in the squad. However, he could not play in the rotation, and was used in only 6 games ( 6.8 minutes on average). In December 2008, he had one of the best games of his NBA career. On 15 December 2008 he started for the injured Dwight Howard and scored in 28 Minutes 16 points and 13 rebounds. 2008/ 09 Gortat played his first full season as a backup center behind Dwight Howard. This year he reached the NBA Finals as the first Polish player.

With the prospect of increased playing time and a starting place, Gortat signed in July 2009 a contract with the Dallas Mavericks. However, since he was a restricted free agent, the Magic pulled with the same offer, whereupon Gortat had to stay with the Magic.

Phoenix Suns (2010 to 2013)

In December 2010 he was transferred along with Vince Carter and Mickael Pietrus of the Orlando Magic to the Phoenix Suns. In return, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark Hidayet Türkoğlu switched to the Magic. Initially committed only as an accompaniment for Carter, Gortat is playing with his physical style of play in the starting lineup the Suns. Get him 24 double- doubles in points and rebounds and he increased his statistical values ​​of 4.0 points and 4.7 rebounds per game before the trade for the Magic to 13.0 points and 9.3 rebounds for the Suns.

In the 2011/12 season Gortat started, in the shortened by the lockout to 66 games season, in all games and put Karrierebestwerte in points, rebounds, blocks and steals back. He also led the team in points and rebounds internal statistics.

Washington Wizards ( Since 2013)

Shortly before the start of the 2013/14 season he joined with several teammates for Emeka Okafor to the Washington Wizards. On February 27, 2014 succeeded Gortat, at 134-129 victory over the Toronto Raptors his Wizards, with 31 points, a career record.


Gortat took Poland to the European Basketball Championship in 2009 partly in their own country. He also qualified with Poland for the European Basketball Championship 2013 in Slovenia.


Since July 2010, Gortat is co-owner of Polish sports club Łódzki KS.