FIBA EuroBasket 2009

The European Basketball Championship of 2009 ( officially: Euro Basket 2009) was the 36th edition of this tournament and took place from 7th to 20th September 2009 in Poland.

The European Basketball Championship is a biennial basketball competition between European powers teams, which is organized by the Munich-based FIBA Europe, the European Basketball Federation.

  • 3.1 First qualifying round (Qualifying Round)
  • 3.2 Second qualifying round (Additional Qualifying Round)
  • 4.1 Group A - Poznan
  • 4.2 Group B - Gdansk
  • 4.3 Group C - Warsaw
  • 4.4 Group D - Wroclaw
  • 5.1 Group E - Bydgoszcz
  • 5.2 Group F - Łódź
  • 6.1 mode
  • 6.2 tournament tree 6.2.1 Places 5-8


A total of 16 teams took part in the Euro Basket 2009 who qualified in different ways for the tournament, eight of which were directly qualified for the European Championship.

  • Poland - host
  • Russia - defending
  • Spain - 2nd Euro Basket 2007
  • Lithuania - 3rd place
  • Greece - 4th place
  • Germany - 5th place
  • Croatia - 6th place
  • Slovenia - 7th place

From the qualification

  • Serbia - Outright Winner Group A
  • Macedonia Winner Group B
  • Turkey - Winner Group C
  • United Kingdom - Winner Group D
  • Bulgaria - Runner-up Group A
  • Latvia - Runner-up Group B
  • Israel - Runner-up Group D
  • France - winner of the second qualifying round



First qualifying round (Qualifying Round)

The First qualifying round (Qualifying Round) was held to 20 September 2008 of 20 August. 17 teams played in a five - and in three groups of four each, in home and away matches against each other. The group winners and the three best runners-up qualify directly for Euro Basket 2009.

  • Q: The teams are directly qualified for the European Championship tournament.

Second qualifying round (Additional Qualifying Round)

The q marked six teams ( one second in the group, all group Third and Fourth Group 1 ) denied a Second qualifying round (Additional Qualifying Round).

The group winners Belgium and France determined in return game the last qualifiers for the Euro Basket 2009.

Thus, France had qualified as the 16th and final team for the final tournament.

Preliminary round

In the preliminary round of four teams playing in four groups against each other. The winner of the match was awarded two points, the loser one point. On November 8, 2008, the following groups were drawn in Warsaw:

  • Greece Greece
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Macedonia Macedonia
  • Israel Israel
  • Russia Russia
  • Germany Germany
  • Latvia Latvia
  • France France
  • Spain
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Serbia Serbia
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Poland Poland
  • Bulgaria

Group A - Poznan

Group B - Gdansk

Group C - Warsaw

Group D - Wroclaw

Second round

After the preliminary competition, the first three teams qualified in each group for the second round. The three teams of groups A and B formed the group E ( Bydgoszcz ), the Qualified Groups C and D, the new group formed F ( Łódź). Each team met once against each of the three teams from the other Preliminary Round group. The points from the preliminaries were continued.

The groups were as follows:

  • Greece Greece
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Macedonia Macedonia
  • France France
  • Russia Russia
  • Germany Germany
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Poland Poland
  • Lithuania Lithuania

Group E - Bydgoszcz

According to FIBA Rule D.1.1 ( match result between the tied teams) was Russia before Greece and Macedonia before Germany.

Group F - Łódź

Final round


After the second round to the first four teams qualified in each of the two groups E and F for the final round. It was played in the quarter final cross against an opponent from the other sub-lap group. Then clashed both the winners of the quarter finals in the semifinals, and the losers in the placement round the ranks 5 through 8 The winners of the semi-finals contested the finals, the loser -place play- 3 winner of the placement games played for 5th place, the losers to 7th place

All games were held in Katowice in the 11,500 -seat Spodek Hall.

Tournament tree

Places 5-8


Placement matches


Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place

3rd Place Match


End figures

The first six teams are also qualified for the Basketball World Championship 2010 in Turkey.


To the best players of the tournament ( MVP ) of the Spaniard Pau Gasol was selected. In a total of nine games Gasol scored an average of 18.7 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game. He had a hit rate of 64.4 % (65 of 101 ) from the field and 64.3 % (18 of 28) from the free throw line.

Ins All- Tournament team alongside Gasol, the Spaniard Rudy Fernandez ( No. 1 in steals and free throw percentage ), the Serbian Miloš Teodosić were chosen (best Assist donors, the second-best free-throw shooter ), the Slovenian Erazem Lorbek ( third-best scorer and rebounder ) and the Greek Vasilios Spanoulis.

The German team

The German team consisted of Robin Benzing, Patrick Femerling, Demond Greene, Steffen Hamann Elias Harris Jan Jagla, Tim Ohlbrecht, Tibor Pleiss, Heiko Schaffartzik, Sven Schultze, Lucca Staiger, Konrad Wysocki, ( Coach: Dirk Bauer man)