Greece national basketball team

The Greek national basketball team represents the Republic of Greece in international matches or friendlies. Their biggest success was the European Championship victories in 1987 and 2005 and the runner-up 2006 World Cup.

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  • World cup Silver ( 1x): 2006
  • Gold (2X): 1987, 2005
  • Silver ( 1x): 1989
  • Bronze ( 2x): 1949, 2009
  • Gold ( 1x): 2006
  • Gold ( 1x): 1979
  • Silver ( 4x): 1991, 2001, 2005, 2009
  • Bronze (3x): 1955, 1971, 1987

Performance in international tournaments

Olympic games

Participated for the first time in the Olympic Games has Greece in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland. By 1996, this should be the only part of the country. After 1996, Greece in 2004 took part in the competitions in their own country and in each case reached the fifth place.

World Championships

At a World Cup the Greek national team in 1986 took part for the first time and reached there in tenth place. Since Greece only missed the finals in 2002 in the United States and managed to get it to always be placed on the front ranks. While Greece in 1994 and in their own country in 1998, although made ​​the leap into the semifinals every time they lost their games in a row and closed both tournaments with only the fourth place from. At the 2006 World Cup in Japan Greece won the silver medal and sat down beside it on the way to the final against, among others highly favored choice of the USA.

European Championships

For the first time took the Greek national team in 1949 and won a European Championship part was immediately awarded third place. As a result of Greece took until 1985 only irregularly in the finals part and had to show no particular success. The first big success, which should represent a breakthrough for the national team in Greece, was the won European Championship of 1987. Greece defeated in his own country play in the final after extra time, the highly favored team from the Soviet Union with 103:101. Star this tournament was, until today, the largest Greek Nikos Galis sports icon who was elected MVP of the tournament. In the following tournament in 1989 Greece once again reached the final, the team of Yugoslavia had to be there, however, admit defeat, the, led by their star Drazen Petrovic, could win the tournament without a defeat. With the silver medal from 1989 Greece consolidated his two years previously reached position among Europe's leading basketball nations. Since the Greek national team missed to date, no final at the European Championships and ended up here generally always on the front ranks. 2005 Greece finally won his second gold medal in Serbia after you beat the German national team with 78:62 in the final.

Mediterranean Games

As a Mediterranean Greece always took part in the Mediterranean Games. The greatest success of the national team, the gold medal of the 1979 dar. Furthermore, were four silver (1991, 2001, 2005, 2009) and three bronze medals (1955, 1971, 1987) are obtained.


Most-capped player

Successful basketball player


  • The player with ... the most points in one game: Nikos Galis, 53 points, July 5, 1986
  • The highest points average per game: Nikos Galis, 30,46
  • The most medals: Antonios Fotsis, Vasilios Spanoulis, Nikolaos Zisis, each 3 (EM - Gold 2005, World Championship silver in 2006, bronze EM 2009)

Current squad

Squad for the preparation for the European Championship 2013:

  • Stand: September 16, 2013.

Extended squad The extended squad includes the following players:

Squad depth

Significant former players

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  • Fragiskos Alvertis (1990-2004, Forward, 155 inserts)
  • Nikolaos Chatzivrettas (2000-2007, Guard, 116 inserts)
  • Theofanis Christodoulou (1983-1997, Forward, 219 inserts)
  • Dimitrios Diamantidis (2001-2010, Guard, 126 inserts)
  • Dimosthenis Dikoudis (1999-2008, Forward, 114 inserts)
  • Panagiotis Fasoulas (1981-1998, Center, 241 inserts)
  • Nikos Galis (1980-1991, Guard, 168 inserts)
  • Panagiotis Giannakis (1976-1996, Guard, 351 inserts)
  • Michalis Kakiouzis (1994-2007, Forward, 115 inserts)
  • Theodoros Papaloukas (2000-2008, Guard, 131 inserts)
  • Konstantinos Tsartsaris (2000-2010, Forwartd, 123 operations )

Record against teams from German-speaking

All results from Greek point of view.

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