Latvia national basketball team

The Latvian national basketball team represents Latvia in international basketball games of Lords. Your biggest achievement is winning the first basketball championship 1935. Most famous player of the team is the NBA player Andris Biedrins, who, however, most recently in 2009 played for them.


Similar to Lithuania basketball sports took place in Latvia early dissemination. Before the Second World War, the Latvian team was among the most successful in Europe, winning the European Championship in 1935 and silver at the European Championships in 1939. During the first years of the Soviet Union won ASK Riga the national champion trophy three times in a row, player of the club as the 2.18 m wide Jānis Krūmiņš, Valdis Muižnieks and Maigonis Valdmanis also included in the Soviet national team to the main supports. Other important Latvian player in the Soviet period were the world champions in 1982 Valdis Valters and the Olympic champion in 1988 Igors Miglinieks who was like Gundars Vetra also a member of the United team in 1992.

Without Miglinieks and Vetra, who played briefly in the NBA, tried the Latvian national team to their old successes to tie. She qualified in 1993 for the first European Championship since the renewed independence and reached the second round. At Euro 2001, the collection succeeded to the quarterfinals after Latvia had beaten surprisingly clear in the second round of Lithuania. Since then, she has qualified for each additional European Championship, then different but in each case after the preliminary round. After 2007 and 2009, the NBA player Andris Biedrins had been part of the team, you entered 2011 with mostly young and inexperienced players to international.

Current squad

Performance in international tournaments

Olympic Summer Games

Basketball World Championship

European Basketball Championships

  • 2001 - 8th Place
  • 2003 - 13th place
  • 2005 - 13th place
  • 2007 - 13th place
  • 2009 - 13th place
  • 2011 - 21th Place
  • 2013 - 9th place

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