Summer Olympic Games

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The chronology of the modern Olympic Games lists all Olympic Summer Games.

The Summer Olympic Games officially called " Games of the (eg ) XVIII. Olympics ". An Olympiad is a period of four years from the start of the games until the start of the next games. Here, according to official figures also failed due to the war games are numbered.

This does not apply for the Olympic Winter Games, where the failed games are not counted.

Chronology Olympic Games of the modern era

Perpetual medal

In all competitions at the Olympic Summer Games, a ranking list is created. The eternal medal table is a list of all medals, sorted by participating countries that have been awarded in the history of the Games. The athletes (or teams) who classify themselves in the first, second or third place will receive medals as a reward. The winner will receive a medal, which is referred to as the "gold medal " ( actually they are silver medals with a gold coating ). The second person will get a silver medal, the third a bronze medal.

The top five nations

In summer games currently discharged sports

The following 28 sports - by counting the IOC - are represented in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in 2020 and in Tokyo. Compared to London 2012 Golf and rugby were added. After the Executive Committee of the IOC had decided in February 2013 to replace rings by any other sport, the 125th IOC General Assembly decided in September 2013 to keep rings in the program for 2020 and 2024.

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