Central American Games

The Central American Games (Spanish: Juegos Deportivo Centroamericanos ) are a regional multi-sport event which since 1973 every four years, usually in the year after the Olympics, takes place. Eligible are nations of Central America, which member of the Central American Sports Organisation ( Spanish: Organización Deportiva Centroamericana ) ORDECA are. These are Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and Belize since 1990.

The games have an equivalent of the Olympic flame, which is in Q'umarkaj, one of the most important Mayan cult sites of Central America, inflamed. Criticism will be given to the Central American games because they do not include the traditional Central American sports such as the Mesoamerican ball game.

The Central American Games are the second event of this name: the Central American and Caribbean Games, introduced in 1926, were renamed to its expansion in 1935 under the same name.


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