2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

The 17th World Basketball Championship for Men will be held in Spain from 30 August to 14 September 2014. The tournament is organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA ), the Spanish Basketball Federation and the Organizing Committee of the 2014 World Cup. For the third time since 1986, 24 national teams will compete against each other. Titleholder is the national basketball team of the United States.

The organizer's discretion

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA ) initiated the application process received on 10 January 2008. Until 30 April 2008, nine member associations expressed their interest in hosting the tournament ( in an official order): Spain, France, Denmark, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, Greece and China. For these applications, the FIBA three chose as official candidates: China, host of the Asian Cup 2009, Italy to host the European Championship Women 2007, and Spain to host the European Championship 2007.

On 23 May 2009, the FIBA Central Board voted on during a meeting in Chicago on the award of the tournament. In the first round the Application retired from China with the fewest votes in the second set, the from Spain with 11:8 votes against from Italy through. Spain is now the second time after 1986 host a World Basketball Championship.


Six venues were selected in six cities as venues.


Two participants were without qualifiers firmly: Spain qualified automatically as the host nation, also received the U.S. as the winner of the gold medal at the Olympic basketball tournament in 2012 a place. The majority of the other participants ( from Africa: 3 teams, America: 4, Asia: 3, Europe and Oceania 6: 2) were determined according to the continental qualification tournaments. In addition, the FIBA awarded four " wild cards " to the rest of the seats to fill. In February 2014, the qualified teams were distributed by lot to the different preliminary round groups.


  • Spain

Defending champion:

  • United States United States

FIBA Africa:

  • Angola Angola
  • Egypt Egypt
  • Senegal Senegal

FIBA Americas:

FIBA Asia:

  • Iran Iran
  • Philippines Philippines
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea

FIBA Europe:

  • France France
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Serbia Serbia

FIBA Oceania:



The mode of FIFA World Cup 2014, the mode of the previous two finals, as 24 teams took part for the first time. In the preliminary round, six teams played in four groups against each other. The winner of the match was awarded two points, the loser one point. Stand a game at the end of regulation time draw, so there was extension. The four highest point totals of each group qualified for the knockout stages. Decided case of a tie 1, the direct comparison 2 the basket quotient for the encounters between the tied teams ( with an odd number of teams the same point ) 3 the basket quotient for all encounters in the group 4 the lot about the placement.

After the preliminary round, each group in the knock-out system, the four best teams competed against each other. In the second round the group winners played against the fourth-placed and the second - to the third-ranked of the other group the same tableau half ( A / B, C / D). In the quarterfinals, it came to the intersection of the two panel halves, so that teams within the preliminary round group could meet again in the semifinals at the earliest. From the quarter- finals excreted teams also played in placement games.

Preliminary round


Group A - Granada

Group B - Sevilla

Group C - Barakaldo

Group D - Las Palmas